Which people and places inspire meditation in us?

What are mass meditation events?

Buddha statue
Beneath the layers of noise, beyond all the mind's drama, there is a vibrant, mysterious field, pulsing with life.
It flows within us as naturally as water in a brook – it is us; and yet we've become experts at escaping this inner bliss...
Psyche branches
This network is an oasis of people, organizations and establishments who cultivate a field of stillness, for they have tasted of the nectar. Around them you know you will find depth.
With so much to do always, and with society's tendency to numb our consciousness ever further, the experience of meditation has become a rare ocurrance indeed.
Girl meditating outside
Taking a daily minute of silence can transform your day.
Doing it five times a day – before starting certain activities – and making it a habit, can transform your life.
You don't need to learn anything complex – just take a moment to close your eyes and breathe.
The trick is actually remembering to do it. Join the movement today – it's just one minute.
Who Am I?
When should you practice investigative or analytical meditation, and when do you just focus on emptiness?
The fundamental question.
Woman in the corner
Which organizations encourage mindfulness as part of their corporate culture?
It's actually becoming a big trend; but what are the program specifics and how effective is it?
Is there an increase in morale and productivity, or even in customer satisfaction and loyalty?
Taking a minute
And are any companies taking the next step, foregoing justifications and actually pivoting from a business-first model to consciousness-first?
Who are we supporting as consumers? It's a new world – let the revolution begin.
Audience meditation
Which speakers, conferences and big events incorporate moments of silence?
Radar dish
How about guided meditations on TV and radio, broadcasted to mass audiences?
Initially there may perhaps be some awkward transitions...
but for example, check out the power of this 2-minute meditation on Jimmy Kimmel:

What we
work towards

Plowing the field

A community of depth

Meditation is an indescribable phenomenon that takes us over, often when we least expect it. You can't choose to meditate, but you can choose to plow the field of stillness as an invitation. You can also choose to be around people who have tasted from this nectar, creating a collective field of consciousness together. See who else around you dedicates themselves to this exceedingly simple practice, introduce moments of silence throughout the day and watch the inner witness grow in power all around you.

Special restaurant

Special businesses and places

Organizations of all types are introducing collective moments of silence and breathing. Is this practice encouraged at your workplace? As a customer, wouldn't you hold a restaurant or shop in special regard if you knew they hosted a meditation hour – or minute? Which places play music conducive to meditation? If your food was prepared by a meditative chef, you may feel a difference in its quality; with other products and services, perhaps not. But wouldn't you rather support meditative organizations across the board?

Sitting in the park

Mass meditation events

Which concerts and festivals suddenly stop everything and ask for absolute stillness? When is a crowd of meditators next gathering in your town to create a massive field of detached inner observation? Can meditation be brought to schools and assemblies of all kinds, without the precursor of some catastrophe being the excuse for collective silence?How many times has there been a guided meditation on a popular TV or radio channel? Check out some surprising success stories, and create your own.

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